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BCS Foundation Agile: Course Details


BCS Foundation Agile
Certified Training Course: 2-3 Days


With the most comprehensive Agile curriculum in the market, the BCS Agile certification programme supports the whole organisation in making an Agile transformation that delivers value straight away.


The BCS foundation certificate ensures a broad understanding of Agile principles and methodologies. Designed for business professionals and people new to Agile, it creates a common ground for those wanting to improve capability within their organisation.


The certificate introduces candidates to the fundamental concepts and values of Agile, then challenges conventional thinking and application to promote deeper understanding.


Benefits for business professionals:


• More effective change management through solid understanding of Agile principles and methodologies
• Share a common language with IT, enabling closer collaboration and better management of projects


Benefits for Agile practitioners:


• Work-based learning ensures the certificate demonstrates ability to implement Agile successfully
• Ensures you understand the why as well as the how behind any Agile methodology
• Methodology agnostic so you can select theright method for your organisation
• BCS membership for all successful candidates, connecting you with like-minded practitioners


Benefits for employers:


• Agile understanding aligned between IT and business, increasing capability across the organisation
• Delivers tools and capability for employees to better manage, change and deliver products and services faster, and with increased value
• Provides a development pathway for employees, wherever they are in their Agile journey
• Supports your organisation in recruiting, retaining and motivating the best people in Agile


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