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BCS Foundation Agile: Public Courses


This certified training course introduces candidates to the fundamental concepts and values of Agile, challenges conventional thinking and application to promote a deeper understanding.


The BCS Foundation Agile syllabus includes:


• The Agile Manifesto
• Rationale & Benefits of Agile
• Common Agile Roles
• Common Agile Techniques
• Common Agile Practices


All of the major Agile frameworks are covered:


• Scrum
• XP
• DSDM Atern
• Kanban
• Lean
• Lean Startup


This is a 2-day public course, which concludes with an exam:


• One hour ‘closed book’ exam
• 40 multiple choice questions
• Pass mark is 65% (26/40)


Our next scheduled public course will be held in Cardiff on 7-8 April, 2016. Please contact us for full details, and to reserve your place.